Sunday, July 31, 2011

We have a few busy weeks ahead of us. We have finished Spanish classes so this will Becky's first full week in the office. I will attempt to be a translator for the medical team arriving the end of this week. With both of us working, we will need to have full time childcare. Well we almost have it all figured out. Alexis will be starting at a preschool near by, half-days. There is one more week of winter break and then she will start on August 8th. Hailey is the one we are not sure about just yet. We have a sitter for the afternoons which leaves Hailey in the mornings that we still need to figure out. One thing we have learned is that God provides for all our needs.

The pictures above are from the start and finish of the first Foam Block Church built by Extreme Nazarene Ministries. The Foam Block system provides a quick and easy way to construct the four walls of a church. The Foam Blocks are stacked to form the walls. After the walls are formed with the blocks, they are then filled with concrete creating many columns and a tie beam at 4 feet and a 9 feet. The foam is then covered with concrete stucco. The finished building looks like a traditional concrete building. This system allows us to construct a small church building in a little over 2 weeks at about the same price as a regular concrete building.

See photos here

Just this past week Extreme finished our 2nd Foam Block Church. Here are some photos from the Puerto Maldonado Construction/Momentum Team.

I will try to keep you updated on the Medical team that will be here for the next 2 weeks. In the mean time we would love to hear from you. We would love to be able to answer some of your questions. You can Email us at: