Monday, January 10, 2011


This past summer at MVNU the Theme for BLAST was simply the phrase "Whatever". This phrase so commonly used by our teens doesn't typically have much of a spiritual ring to it, however as the week went on this phrase quickly took on a whole new meaning.

The speaker Thursday night was a 3 time World Champion Boomerang Thrower. After demonstrating some of his talents (pretty much just showing off), he gave us examples of how we could use our talents for God. Even talents that are not spiritual in of themselves can be used as a tool, a key that can open a door for a seed to be planted. It was encouraging to be reassured that God can and wants to get us involved in his ministry and He can use "Whatever" talents we have to bring.

Friday night Shane Hostutler (my roommate from MVNU) shared a very powerful message. He talked about living on the edge and pointed out how we as Christians can quickly become too comfortable where we stand. Sure there are things that we say we would like to do or wish we could do, but in the end it comes down to the fact that we just get too comfortable where we are. We come up with every excuse in the world to talk ourselves out of the things we think we should do because we get a little uncomfortable on the Edge. We don't want to get out too far on the Edge and lose control. Sure we say we Trust God to take care of us, but instead we we stay on the path that the world has paved before us.

The past few months God has been pushing Becky and I closer and closer to the Edge- untill we got to a point that we had nowhere to go- no safety net to fall into. Our only response was to lift our hands to Him and speak the word "Whatever". Whatever You have for our lives, wherever You would have us go, whatever You want us to do, we will obey.

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